Why Lazeezeat is going to be your one-stop destination for all your meat cravings.

Overview :

We are well-known online meat shop whose motto is to sell the meat that we would eat ourselves. We strive to supply only the best. We make no compromises when it comes to quality. We sell wide varieties of- chicken, lamb and goat, fish and seafood, eggs, cold cuts, spreads, pickles, and exotic varieties of meat. Our blog contains delicious, lip-smacking recipes that you can try out at the comfort of your home at ease.

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Our strengths:

We at Lazeezeat, promise purity with every sale that we make. Our formula for success is customer satisfaction. We listen to our customers’ reviews and make the necessary changes. Our every package contains meat that’s,

  • Been vacuum sealed and chilled between 0 degrees – 4 degrees Celsius.
  • Certified 100% halal cut.
  • Passed over 150 meticulous quality checks.
  • Chemical and preservatives free.

Our team members are bonded by the power of togetherness wherein we join forces to bring out our maximum productivity. We proudly call ourselves the “Lazeezeat” and we support each other because we know that we can only grow as a team. We respect every team members’ opinion and preferences so that we can learn and gather different perspectives.

Top reasons for choosing our service:
  • Our chef makes no compromise for quality.
  • Online representative team always values our customers’ feedback.
  • Our Betty Crocker hand-pick the meat we supply.
  • We charge only for what you buy.
  • We provide top-notch delivery services at the major cities in India.
  • Our stock is always fresh and never sells day-barred food articles.
  • Besides meat, we also sell finger-licking spreads and homemade pickles
  • We innovate and construct new techniques to improvise our standings.
Our vision:

“Lazeezeat meats exist because we deserve better meat”

We go all out to deliver our customers only the paragon variety of meat. We always understand the need for fresh and nutritious meat. Considering the present scenario, it is extremely difficult to find meat that has been obtained naturally. In case of chicken, broilers with the help of hormonal injections, inject the birds in order to attain maturity and mighty size within a span of a few days. When children consume such chemically modified meat, they experience several side effects like obesity and mental disorders. This practice doesn’t only affect kids but also adults who in turn suffer from health complications like cholesterol and heart diseases.

In such a complicated situation, we always strive to deliver our customers healthy meat that has no side effects. Plus, it tastes as good as it looks!

Our mission:

“Lazeezeat will build the most loved meat brand by delighting the world with an unmatched range of meat and meat products”

Our primary aim is to serve our customers with first-quality meat that will never fail to impress you. Our quality is never compromised and thus, we remain as the public favorite brand. We are marching towards an era where our brand is addressed to be the most customer-friendly and to have won the credibility of our customers. Our team members breathe and live to aspire and get inspired by our customers’ suggestions.